PGDM Program

PGDM program offers first-hand corporate exposure, allowing students to hone their skills and acquire the knowledge required to meet present-day business requirements. The program also enables students to perfect their communication and interpersonal skills. This course offers students a number of specialisation options and is frequently updated to reflect the most recent industry findings and trends. The primary goal is to prepare students for dynamic industry demands and teach them how to adapt.

The PGDM programme is extremely comprehensive and student-centred, providing practical experience that improves students' understanding of business management and equips them with lifelong skills. PGDM program is unique as it requires students to think critically and make informed decisions. The curriculum distinguishes itself by providing an increasing number of career opportunities in a variety of industries. Students learn a mix of traditional and modern skills that prepare them to work in prominent roles in their chosen fields.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)

Duration of program: Two years full time post graduate diploma program

Pattern: 4 Semesters and Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

Intake: 60 Seats

Medium of Instruction: The medium of instruction is only in English. The course material is also in English.

Specializations offered: The institute offers Five major specializations and a minor specialization.

Major Specializations:

Marketing Management:
This specialization covers various aspects of marketing management like market research, advertising, e-commerce. The students will get a strong foundation in marketing concepts, decision-making skills and problem-solving skills.

Financial Management:
This specialization helps the students expand their knowledge in the areas of finance and financial management. The students get a grasp on the functioning of various sectors like banking, financial services, insurance and mutual funds.

Human Resource Management:
This specialization helps the students acquire the skills and knowledge to manage the human capital in an organization. Human resource professionals are needed in every industry. The students get a grasp of various processes in the management of humans.

Pharmaceutical Management

Pharmaceutical Management is designed to prepare students for management positions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Drug Development, Legal Compliance, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management are some of the subjects covered in the programme. Graduates are prepared for leadership roles in the pharmaceutical industry with business acumen and domain expertise.

Agri Business Management

Agri Business Management program is to provide students with the business knowledge and desired skills needed to effectively manage operations and resources in the agricultural sector. Farm Management, Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Rural Development are some of the topics covered in the program. Graduates are prepared for careers in Agricultural Businesses, Food Processing Businesses, and related businesses.